When Trump Loses

We know enough already to project what will happen

Mike Meyer
7 min readSep 6, 2020


by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 5, 2020

What will happen when Trump loses the election?

This question is the leitmotif of all US conversations that are even moderately political, and it is impossible not to be political in the middle of a pandemic and economic disaster. It is gnawing at us as national anxiety and outrage build.

Most people are sick of Trump and sick of the political dysfunction that has crippled the nation and failed to solve any of our problems. Everyone wants this to go away, but it won’t. We are experiencing the anguish, stress, and hopelessness of someone facing the pending death of someone close. We desperately need it to be over but not the way it is going to end. We cannot escape it, and we cannot change it. Only the details are pending, and we don’t want to know.

I think there is enough known to make a strong projection of the likely actions after Trump’s loss. We have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about many things in the last four years and a deluge of information over the previous six months. Why not lay it out and then decide what actions we need, individually and communally, to take?

We know the nature of Trump’s incompetence and his performance level political skills. We also know far more than we would like about narcissistic psychopaths and the details filled in by people involved, from family to professionals. Trump follows the patterns very closely. That is what he is.

We also know that the Republican Party has collapsed entirely into a pseudo fascist and racist personality cult modeled on Putin and his Russian mafioso supporters. The connection is a fact, but that is not my point here. These issues are only relevant to potential actions based on the direct influences that we will face.

The opposition to the Trump Party is also well known. What has been allowed is a very weak Democratic candidate who poses no threat to the system that, incidentally, created Trump. Biden is a decent person, unlike Trump. Still, he has spent his life as a politician fully integrated into making the Democratic Party the centrist faction of a one-party militarist and neoliberal state. He has no other…



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