What Do We Do Now?

It depends on which story you want to believe

Mike Meyer


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 11, 2022

Democracy has been saved in America and the Russian army has retreated from Kherson. Of these only the second appears to be more than a very incremental improvement.

The Ukraine army has officially entered Kherson very carefully. This is a remote controlled war waged by American imperial forces against a much reduced Russian opponent with nuclear arms. We all know, instinctively, how dangerous this is although the threat is being constantly minimalized in our media.

That media is the primary theater of this war and the depth of sophistication of the American augmented reality is stunning. This has become a nuclear tipped contest to see who are the most gullible, the Americans or the Russians.

It appears that the Russian conscripts and their families facing the decimation of the Russian forces are not as gullible as the distant Americans or the buffered Russians. The later have not felt anything but annoyance at the rebranding of their lattes.

The abandonment of Russian forces in Kherson is being well used by Ukraine. If what we hear is true, the Russians claimed to remove all of their forces from Kherson at phenomenal speed. The alternative is they did not have the resources to take all of their forces. They were apparently told to disguise themselves as civilians and make their own way beck to Mother Russia.

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence agency said it would guarantee the rights of any abandoned Russian soldiers who surrendered, under a program called “I Want to Live.” NPR

This is an excellent example of mid 21st century media manipulation. What is true? The national manipulators control all sides of the narrative.

This will be both interesting to watch and scary as hell. Which side will break into full insanity? Putin has a lot to lose while America controls the narrative for the incurious American audience and Putin controls it for the incurious Russian audience.

The political victory of democracy in America is positive but premature. The fascist and religious authoritarian cancer is too widely spread in the American body politic to say that…



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