Trump’s Stumbling Run to Infamy

Mike Meyer
5 min readFeb 16, 2024

The story changes

Photo by Yash Mannepalli on Unsplash

We no longer have a political system in America but something like a stockyard. We mill around in our pens, periodically choosing to be herded into shutes to voting machines. While changes resulting from this exercise are minimal, they are becoming disastrous.

This November, that process will reach a tipping point. The second national political party has collapsed into an organized crime cult. We had a dose of this in the first Trump presidency that nearly destroyed America’s international status and economy.

That culminated in the first attempted coup, becoming a blatant attempt at converting this country into a fascist dictatorship. Never again, we said, but the second attempt has become very real.

Forget about Trump. Yes, he is dangerous, as all lifetime criminals with severe personality disorders are dangerous, but he is precisely what he appears: a useful fool. Now Putin, who helped make Trump a Russian useful fool, has disowned him after lecturing Trump’s lapdog, Tucker Carlson-another telling change.

Trump is being propped up as he is barely functional, but cult leaders need only appear, chant, and demand adulation.

The closeness of the so-called presidential race is different from what it is being presented. That is constantly admitted…



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