Trump provides the answer

Not the one he thought

Mike Meyer
5 min readFeb 20, 2019


Trump stumbling on reality

By Mike Meyer

It appears that Trump and the, barely, eukariotic creature named McConnell (no spine or intestines, but you can’t have everything) have gone with Donald’s National Emergency for Wall and Fence Contractors. This is an excellent and sorely needed move that could well be our salvation.

As many of us have written about since the collapse of the American political system in 2016, there is very little that can be done to prevent the future disasters now being totally ignored by the government of the US. The reasons for this are multitude but the archaic and corrupted Federal structure cannot be changed while under the control of low order criminals who have locked in their rule by vast voter disenfranchisement. But the means for full structural change are being given to us by Trump and the very people who have brought on these disasters.

It should be no problem, now, to remove Trump. If he is not relocated to a guarded and locked facility for high crimes and misdemeanors he will be devastated in the next election. People are prone to stupidity but they do learn. The second time around requires the piper to be paid.

I’m prone to confidence that a suitable, i.e. rational individual with some solid scientific education will be elected president in 2020. Upon taking office she can declare a National Emergency due to Climate Change, Resurgent Racism, National Greed, and Massive Human Rights abuses.

Unlike Trump’s wall fiasco these are all very real and, not only national, but planetary emergencies. To avoid the disaster that is befalling Trump and the Republicans in claiming they don’t need support for a plan with no reality and no purpose, the broad principles of the new Emergency should be presented to the population for a direct, bio-metric confirmed online vote. A majority of the country will support these principles as they have been waiting years for someone to ask. Of that I have no doubt.

People actually know real emergencies, particularly those that have been created by incompetent and illegitimate officials dedicated to greed and oppression. If done correctly, the principles of the new Emergency will be fully mandated.



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