Treat Everything Like a Person

What do we have to lose?

Mike Meyer


Photo by Ben Karpinski on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ December 4, 2022

Well, there is a lot to lose but only things we will lose anyway. But of course, that is not what people want to hear, but it must be said and repeated.

The need for hope becomes desperate as we face hyperconverged disasters that appear as carnival funhouses distorting everything we see around us. Talk of apocalypse always brings out the common sense answer that things can't be that bad. Remember all the warnings that never came to pass?

But we have long passed the point on the apocalyptic highway where common sense is based on common knowledge. Instead, we are all tumbling in the air, trying not to look down.

It is a good indicator of where we are on the highway to hell by how frequent and strident the claims are that it's not that bad. Some people are almost ready to accept Panglossian allegations that this is the best of all possible worlds. In many ways, it is, but that makes it collapse all the more tragic.

It seems we took a wrong turn long ago. A return to our animistic roots that guided our ancestors through our specie's formative development may be the only route out of this predatory capitalist and climate disaster hellscape.

That's daunting. Do we have to tear down ten thousand years of civilization to get back to solid ground? I'm sure that wouldn't work even if we could do it. But what would work?

The planetary disaster overwhelming us is the product of primary and then sequential assumptions that worked well enough but have ultimately failed.

But only some things we learned were right, and we are far past the old binary world into a quantum mechanical universe where simple does not exist.

All the knowledge we have acquired and can say is valid about the universe we live in is the product of our scientific method; even though we know that empirical evidence may be an illusion, it is based on an understandable matrix of forces. But we do know that material reality is an illusion.

The matrix of forces that make up our universe is real. The stuff we fight and die to own and the individual selves that make up 'we' are not…



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