This Is Not a Supply Chain Issue

This is the collapse of the old order and its economic disasters

Mike Meyer


Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 8, 2021

We are so thoroughly screwed that hope is becoming just a rumor. And even that rumor is lost in the deluge of idiocy that is overwhelming us with the raw, ugly absurdity that is impossible to ignore.

This deluge is the consequence of a single-minded effort to continue screwing everyone else on the planet while refusing to admit any remorse, let alone guilt, for America's construction of an economy based on planetary rape. That effort achieved terrific success in wealth that has converted to a new aristocracy primarily living on financial gains unrelated to value and dedicated to endless consumption with massively distorted asset distribution.

The chickens of planetary destruction have come home to roost. But, of course, no one likes to admit that they have gloriously screwed themselves.

We did it, and a significant part of our population is going crazy because they don't want to admit it. We have a name for this, and it is 'doubling down.' If you can't figure out how you made such a mess, you refuse to admit it is a mess and insist that it is precisely what we all should be doing.

America knows no other solution now and must define itself as exceptional and that this was always so. I'm old enough to remember when no one claimed America was exceptional, but only the good guys who won the big wars and then cleaned everything up for the losers so they could straighten themselves out. People now find this very odd, but humility and recognition of our limits were once considered a virtue.

The historical line to the current American disaster is in the lies hidden in that set of beliefs. Still, they were primarily lies of omission unearthed in the mid 20th century. The key difference then was the general agreement that things were getting better and the future should be bright for everyone. That encouraged generosity as the Great Society was a big enough pie for everyone to have a slice.

That changed when greed became the only virtue, and the only good people were those who fought to take whatever they could get. In a changing world, that meant those…



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