Things are Not Right

Mike Meyer
6 min readSep 9, 2023

Could this be planetary cognitive dissonance?

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ August 28, 2023

I'm amazed at the cognitive dissonance we live with daily. A certain level of that is typical for the modern world as contradictory information and world views have increased over the last couple of centuries, but not at these accelerating levels.

Depending on our country, we all experience standard dissonance with the political disintegration in the modern, i.e., Western World order, but it is invading daily life.

In America, we have watched the collapse of the political system, specifically the Republican Party, into an antidemocratic fascist organized crime syndicate. Political parties have criminal tendencies but rarely descend into full-blown gangster dens. But that is still distant and not something most people deal with daily.

I keep seeing losses of logic and consistency in all aspects of society. We are not shocked by the weirdness in the twisted world of high finance but not at the basic economic level of daily life.

The borderline or grey zone for this is the constant media relaying the official word that the American economy is doing great. This is the theme of soft landings for inflation reduction and continued GDP growth, guaranteeing ever more billions to the oligarchy.

This does little for the folks once in the broad middle class. These people now live paycheck to paycheck due to staggering levels of debt brought on by medical and educational or just living costs. Heavy consumer debt loads were once economically concerning, but now not so much.

As long as there is credit available, we're all good. No one says it that way, but that is the underlying assumption. As long as employment rates stay high, inflation inherent in banks creating fiat currency at will is not a problem.

Again, the process is acceptable for the billionaires who deal with inflation as a technical annoyance but very different for people who may run out of credit, the same as running out of money. But this is all part of the late capitalist migration to cryptocurrencies in various forms.

However, the dissonance here is tied to value in a massively unbalanced asset system. To keep the GDP…



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