The whole things on fire

The most dangerous dictator, wild with nothing left to lose

Mike Meyer
4 min readDec 20, 2018


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by Mike Meyer

Is there anyone left who doesn’t see the wheels and parts flying off of the Trump bus? That was a rhetorical question as there are people who will swear everything is wonderful but they are as crazy as Trump.

After weeks of near daily revelations that simply confirmed all that was suspected two years ago we know we have an unindicted co-conspirator in the White House who has been owned by Russian interests.

There is no part of the Trump mess that doesn’t have ongoing federal investigations and/or previous Trump employees in or on their way to prison. This has revealed an amazing level of criminal corruption that would have already caused criminal charges unless the perpetrator was sitting in the White House. Oh, that’s right. The perp is in the White House.

Two years of wild lies and rapid tweets have left us all numb. That was warned against at the very beginning of this shit show. We were told the dangers of normalizing someone such as Trump. Too bad, we did it anyway.

Now people are casually wandering around failing to realize what it means to have a mentally unbalanced, criminal loser in charge. I would suggest becoming scared shitless. The dude has no idea what he is doing and the damage is escalating wildly.

Everyone has been trying to see the brightside of Trump’s staff frantically signaling that the government won’t be shutdown over Trump’s stupid wall. But what do they know? The dude is contradicting himself and everyone else by the minute. No one knows what is happening.

Now suddenly all troops are to be pulled from Syria dumping the Kurdish militias that we built up there over the last few years. Trump stupidly declared victory over ISIS while giving ISIS the go ahead to reorganize. Suddenly Erdogan and Putin have exactly what they wanted. Erdogan gets to start killing Kurdish militia members in Syria and elsewhere and Putin, who now owns Assad, can wrap up his unpopular military operation in Syria.

No one knows what is happening. Our Kurdish allies who helped stabilize the northern part of Iran after ten years of fighting and joined with us to fight Assad in Syria have just been thrown to the wolves without even an explanation or any warning.

Trump, single handedly, has just fully destabilized the Eastern Mediterranean while abandoning our allies who are still there. That, by any measure, is an era ending diplomatic disaster. And it appears to be a treasonous one.

The destruction of years of work in the Eastern Mediterranean has occurred after a telephone call between Trump and Erdogan. Since we can be sure that Trump has little idea of who is being talked about and probably doesn’t recognize the name ‘Kurdistan’ as anything that he needs to think about, this withdrawal is probably in order to get praise from Erdogan. That’s the kind of guy Trump likes and that kind he desperately needs praise from.

I’m now thinking that Trump and Putin have talked and that put the blessing on the US pulling out of Syria leaving it to the Russians and Assad. We know the whole Russian ownership of Trump is very real now and everyone around Trump has been lying and covering it up since 2016.

There is no reason for Trump to bother with more lies except that he can’t stop. Might as well give his bosses what they want. Who cares?

This is a very serious turn. In fact it is the most serious risk that I can imagine. With all the hundreds of pieces of information and thousands of lies from Trump, we know they have been covering up massive and completely treasonous deals. Trump is still scared shitless of Flynn who obviously knows the full scope of Trump’s actions so it is going to come out anyway as Mueller knows all.

Trump has no one left but his children, all completely incriminated in everything, the pitiful Sarah Huckster who no longer makes any sense, and one remaining ‘attorney’, Rage Monkey Giuliano. Rage Monkey is also pitiful and apparently senile.

There is more talk of Mueller’s end game. The best I have heard is the closure of the case in January, Congressional change, Mueller’s presentation of massive evidence of crime and treason and simultaneous indictments of Trump’s children both federal and Southern District of New York. Trump can’t pardon them there.

Mueller and others will whisper in Donald’s ear, it’s jail for your kids or you and Pence resign. The Republicans announce their support for the country and the Constitution and inspect their nails while refusing to take calls from anyone named Trump. A quick replay of Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon.

We can then decide what needs to be done although HR 1 for 2019 is clearly the start. President Pelosi will at least be sane and capable. The international price will just have to be paid. Sorry, we really screwed up. Won’t happen again.

If this works we had better make damn sure this kind of shit doesn’t happen again. We have climate disasters to fight for the next hundred years.



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