The Weekly Flail — November 18, 2023

Mike Meyer
3 min readNov 18, 2023

Winnowing the Media

We are moving much faster than people want in the Climate Disaster and much slower in the Gaza/Israel disaster.

Climate Emergency

October 2023 capped the hottest 12-month span in recorded history.

In 170 countries, mean temperatures over the span exceeded 30-year norms, exposing 7.8 billion people — 99% of humanity — to above-average warmth. Only Iceland and Lesotho recorded cooler-than-normal temperatures. Climate Central

Brazil: Health warnings as country gripped by ‘unbearable …

Nov 15, 2023 · Rio de Janeiro recorded 42.5C on Sunday — a record for November — and high humidity on Tuesday meant that it felt like 58.5C, municipal authorities said. BBC

Several of us are beginning to focus on the human problem of disaster denial, as illustrated in the film Don’t Look Up. There are many ideas about why this happens, but the most common idea is that it is too much for people to process, so they ignore it.

This is creating a situation that I am calling Climate Gnosticism. People prefer the dogmatism that minimizes the climate disaster rather than dealing with how to understand that knowledge personally.

Watching how that will play out as the conditions worsen will be very interesting and frightening.

A map I used in the Climate Gnosticism article is worth looking at daily. Only .8% of our global land area is uninhabitable due to average temperature by 2070 (or sooner), which will become 19%, moving 3.5 billion people to somewhere else.

Expansion of extremely hot regions in a business-as-usual climate scenario. In the current climate, MATs >29 °C are restricted to the small dark areas in the Sahara region. In 2070, such conditions are projected to occur throughout the shaded area following the RCP8.5 scenario. Absent migration, that area would be home to 3.5 billion people in 2070 following the SSP3 scenario of demographic development. Background colors represent the current MATs



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