The Weekly Flail — May 25, 2024

Mike Meyer
10 min readMay 25, 2024


Where to start? We have further political disintegration as the forces of past evils battle to destroy what’s left of our future. We continue to be presented with a choice between evil and a continuity of failures.

Evil is terminal, but continuing past failures allows correction. People angry at the lack of choice are looking for change. This is what underlies the refusal of people in America to accept Biden’s economic successes, including stock market record highs, controlled inflation, improved wages, and the lowest unemployment in fifty years.

Whether people fully understand it or not, a plurality, at least, recognizes that the old criteria ceased being relevant several decades ago. What America and its empire still call economic successes are now symptoms of institutional failure in a planetary disaster.

We don’t know what needs to be done, but the old ways of doing things are not what we need. But what do we do?

The answers will be found in the overlap of science, revolutionary technology, and social change. The demand for justice to curb late-stage capitalist nation-states comes from everywhere but the American Empire.

As they evolve, the answers will not be simple or clearly understood. Hopefully, we will catch some of this here.



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