The Weekly Flail — March 22, 2023

Mike Meyer
6 min readMar 23, 2024


I am seriously considering the causes of our growing insanity. This escalating insanity seems beyond the ordinary mix of stupidity and willful ignorance as the gibberers and howlers take control. Not only are they taking control, but they are joined by new varieties of human shit weasel.

The US Congress seems overrun with new and improved human shit weasels but does not have a monopoly for what comfort that is worth.


Russia has just suffered a major terrorist attack in Moscow, killing forty or more people at a concert in Moscow. There are no indications of who is responsible for this attack, although there will be an effort to blame Ukraine.

The identity of the attackers is unknown. Of course, rumors have swirled that it was a Russian false flag operation, or that it was the result of a Ukrainian plot. There’s not much to substantiate either right now, and in fact Kyiv has denied any responsibility. U.S. national security spokesman John Kirby said Washington has no information about Ukraine’s involvement. Some witnesses believe the attackers were “Asians and residents of the Caucasus” and communicated in a foreign language. [Source: Geopolitical Futures]

It seems that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility, but that may not be…



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