The Weekly Flail — June 8, 2024

Winnowing the Media

Mike Meyer
8 min readJun 8, 2024


What were once certainties are now being questioned by the American Empire. This is very difficult with very old national politicians. With the Modern World in its dotage, it is unclear how long the boomer generation can retain power.

Will they destroy the planet before the planet destroys them and everyone else? Will the demented fall down and not be able to get up? Everyone is looking at Donald Trump and waiting for his scheme to get out of the first debate with Biden.

The media, as always, is owned by people who also own Trump and Biden, for what that is worth. There is a lot of editing with any news of Trump’s rallies to splice together the parts that seem to make some sense. There is no editing in a debate.

Biden is forgetful. We are close to the same age, so I know how often I forget a word I want to use, but it comes back. That is very different from going completely off the rails, which we have all seen Trump do with no idea of where he is going.

I’m afraid that if Trump is put on a stage with Biden, it will be tragic. His handlers cannot afford that, but they may not be able to control him. However, Trump’s cowardice usually takes control, allowing him to fabricate a memory of an epic win.



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