The Weekly Flail

Mike Meyer
5 min readApr 20, 2024

Winnowing the media


At the moment, something that could pass for sanity seems dominant in the Middle East. Perhaps old-fashioned political pressure is holding the Israeli active genocide in check while starvation, injury, and death continue for the Palestinian people.

Iran managed to destroy Israel’s image of invulnerability, which Yemeni attacks on Israeli-bound shipping had damaged. America now must face the cheapening of its massively expensive and complex military weaponry. While that weaponry can shield against a mass drone attack, history is on the side of cheap drones, as they will eventually overwhelm complex systems.

Iran has won the PR war by being very careful in limiting their serious attack to specific military targets while announcing what they intended in advance. From now on, Israel will always be a criminal genocidal state. That forced Israel to emulate Iran in their counterattack.

While the death, destruction, and suffering created by Israel continue, the world is now a very different place. Where all the governments are touched by religious insanity, those who act with care win.

An image of invulnerability is not something that can be recovered once destroyed. That was more important than any physical damage inflicted.



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