The Weekly Flail — December 1, 2023

Mike Meyer
5 min readDec 1, 2023

Celebrating the death of Henry Kissinger but with respect for his mind. The best epitaph I have seen is the tweet from Juan Gabriel Valdés, Chile’s ambassador to the US, courtesy of Axios.

“Ha muerto un hombre cuyo brillo histórico no consiguió jamás esconder su profunda miseria moral. K.”

“A man has died whose historical brilliance never managed to conceal his profound moral misery.”

An early lesson in Henry Kissinger’s Realpolitik for me was 1971, during the Paris Peace negotiations on the Vietnam War. I was young and stationed at a special operations base in Thailand, working in Air Force intelligence. It was publicly announced that Kissinger was halting North Vietnam bombing missions to further the negotiations.

The same day, we were copied on operational orders to intensify the bombing of North Vietnam. The details of that are long gone, but I never forgot it. I never trusted Henry Kissinger or my own nation again.

The temporary ceasefire has ended. There was little doubt it would, as Netanyahu and his staff publicly stated they intended to kill everyone they could in Gaza until they were stopped. So far, the only warnings from Washington are to go a little slower on killing civilians.

This makes Henry Kissinger look almost human.

An example of why the growing volume of demonstrations is in support of the Palestinian people: The IDF shot a teenage boy in Jerusalem for celebrating the release of prisoners in the hostage exchange.

The deputy mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum is seen defending the shooting by saying “part of the deal is that there would be no celebrations for the release of attempted murderers” (this was actually not a part of the deal, it was just a decree issued by Israel’s national security minister) and claiming dishonestly that “we’re talking about the release of attempted murderers” (the vast majority have not been convicted of any crime and have been denied any due process for the accusations against them).

The band Eve6 nicely summed up what it felt like watching the clip of the deputy mayor’s comments, tweeting, “The remarkable thing about this clip is her self assurance. Like she’s supremely confident that ‘we shot the teenager



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