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Mike Meyer
7 min readFeb 24, 2024

Winnowing the Media

Israel’s War on Gaza Figures, Abuse and Murder of Palestinian Women, Calcium-Oxygen Batteries, Climate Denial Centers, Brain-Inspired Childlike AI, Sora Video generation models as world simulators, A Very Small Crater

NOTE: As usual, the political, social, and economic news is hypocritical and depressing. Some examples are included below but are only the noise of diverse efforts to goad the world to war while denying that intent.

That effort seems to be advancing nicely, with Putin now declaring the need for total elimination of Ukraine’s culture. Biden is stocking weapons in the Pacific for Taiwan while encouraging Israel’s genocide in Gaza with faint damns.

At the same time, the scientific and technological advances are amazing. They are also so far beyond most people’s understanding, including those who own them, that we have no idea what will happen.

People are already so badly confused that they will believe anything and can be manipulated by complete idiots. That is an open door for bigotry, hatred, and religion.

Israel and Gaza



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