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The trends being beaten to death in our media

Mike Meyer
4 min readAug 18, 2023
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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ August 18, 2023

Lahaina, Maui

Things are not going well, but they are becoming more realistic. People are organizing and figuring out everything we should have known would cause a disaster but were all ignored. Hawaiian Electric has been sued, and that is no surprise.

The state disaster management failed Lahaina, which is also not surprising. While our state disaster alert is known as the tsunami warning system, it is also used for storms and should work for brush fires, but the thinking on that was not well done. The resignation of the emergency official responsible for Lahaina, who had a feeble justification for not sounding the sirens, promptly resigned.

I see several years of legal and political squabbling that may or may not improve things. We need to get beyond this, as I have suggested here.

Keeping track of the climate disasters beyond Hawaii is difficult. Here is a synopsis:

What’s Burning?

Canada again? No, still burning, only more now.

About 20,000 residents in [Northwestern Territories capital} Yellowknife are being urged to get out of the way of fast-moving flames as more than



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