The First Trump Truth

There will be only one and everything else is a lie

Mike Meyer


Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 5, 2020

Any time you see the words COVID and TRUMP in the same sentence, you know you are in the same world that gave us Military and Intelligence as a thing. These words in close conjunction tell us we are in fantasy land devoid of anything even resembling truth.

Since SARS-CoV-2 neatly hoist Trump on his own petard, Trump’s sicknesses have come full circle. His plague has become him. Trump has merged with his pandemic despite months of denial.

Trump’s mental illness demands that he lie to save his delusions. Everyone understands this and lives with the low grade, daily nausea of watching this tragedy wind its way to greater and greater destruction.

He cannot stop as the weight of 210,000 deaths so far in the US alone requires lies of a proportionate size for him to avoid having his delusions crushed by those dead bodies . We now see an insane man frantically bailing out his sinking ship with a teacup as the virus consumes him while he screams that he has won.

Everyone with any access to world news knows the tale, the certainty of total lying, and the futility of lying to a coronavirus that does not care. But all reality is now Trump’s enemy just as truth has always been his enemy. It is not even worth watching. We don’t need to pay attention more lies.

Even if you can get people to agree that you are not sick, reality will win in the end. Fools may repeat your claims, but as your complete disregard brings sickness to them, attitudes change. COVID is a dangerous virus with many ways to cause suffering and death. The lies that were once just part of doing a job grow long and very sharp teeth when suddenly you are infected and your family is at risk.

A full planet of medical and public health professionals know about COVID and how it works. The treatments that may help, the stages of the disease, and the range of outcomes. We have all been watching as every one of those professionals questions the lies. Trump is not well and is at the point of great danger. He is also uncontrollable and delusional.

But we will never hear anything but a wild array of lies. The mental corruption that surrounds Trump and his party distorts everything and makes everything a lie.

In this situation, there is only one surviving statement that, when it comes, we will know is right and true. When we hear that Trump is dead, we will see that truth has returned. Everything else was a lie.



Mike Meyer

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