The Fear of Complexity

This is the cause of our social polarization and collapse

Mike Meyer
5 min readOct 30, 2019


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By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 29, 2019

Our problem is complexity. We are still defined by the dyadic mentality that seems to be fundamental to the evolutionary form of our sentience and awareness.

Despite our insistence that we are completely unlike our binary, digital computing devices, we are also binary. We may laud infinite shades of grey and infinite ranges of emotional nuance but we always start with black/white, hot/cold, good/bad and then struggle to fuzz the edges of those rigid categories.

In times requiring major change we are crippled by the heavy percentage of our populations who cannot escape the simplicity of either/or. If forced into complex conditions they will search for and declare unconditional love for a leader who restores dyadic simplicity even if it is self-destructive and deadly.

Strong emotion is the drug that drives this addiction. It is the high that consumes us. It is the lure of authoritarianism in its modern form that takes vast populations and categorizes them into simple dyads adding patriotism as an emotional bond. In large human populations covering planetary regions this is, inherently, a self defeating strategy. The size of our planetary population dooms this over simplicity to disaster. Any definable group must be good or bad in order to support the strong emotion to create social self policing in the overarching society. The bad must be changed to the good or destroyed.

But we are a diverse species producing similar but unique social structures and individual variants. Strong control means strong dyadic definitions with strong emotions that are easy to manipulate. We are not rational when we are emotional. That is another dyad of the human reality.

This produces permanent conflict and internal suppression of minorities as the dyadic reality most commonly identifies opposites by easy to determine physical characteristics or ethnic based social relations. Any minority is automatically bad to those fully inculcated into a formal dyadic, authoritarian system unless carefully redefined as good by identifiable differences.



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