The Death of Political Illusions

There are no political winners, only losers

Mike Meyer


Photo by Liam Nguyen on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 8, 2022

In case you are stressed and agitated about the American midterm election, it won’t make much difference. The winners have already won and the majority will lose. The only difference is the speed of our collapse.

But hope springs eternal from the human breast . . . That is another way of saying half the human population is dumb as a stump but that never fails to amaze us.

Just as we are aware that late stage predatory capitalism rewards only greed and ultimate greed is our only criteria of power but are eternally shocked when we what little we have is stolen.

Elections in America were always a problem but that becomes obscured by time and human memory. There must have been a time when this thing worked. Not really, but as long as it doesn’t matter for a large enough chunk of the population, the majority stays quiet and inertia takes care of the rest.

Entering the second quarter of the 21st century, things are not looking good but the causes are not simple. So most people are more uncomfortable than they remember being but not so uncomfortable as to do more than accept the first scapegoat they are offered. That is the nature of things in highly complex societies facing collapse.

The unhappy reality is that in America elections mean almost nothing for most people. This is not new but the added factor is that failure to implement massive social and economic change means accelerating collapse. The time line on global warming and increasingly violent change guarantees that.

While there have been real improvements over the last decade with warming currently on target at about 2.5 degrees C. That is better the 3.5+ a few years ago.

The hard part is that we will need climate engineering to make up for our failure to maintain 1.5 degrees increase. There is no number of electric cars, trucks, aircraft, or landscapes filled with windmills and panels that will restore our 1.5 degree limited increase.

Holding an existing temperature is obviously easier than reducing the average temperature. The expectation is that we will blow past 1.5…



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