The Best Hope for Biden’s Inauguration

There are no good expectations

Mike Meyer


Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ January 18, 2021

The worst thing that can happen on inauguration day is nothing. The second worse thing would be a crazed attack by Trump zombies against Biden’s security troops and police. Those are the only two options, and both are terrible.

We are exhausted by decades of national decline that resembles the loss of options and hope with human aging. It is slow and inevitable enough that you must live with it, and so you do.

The last nineteen years added a national case of paranoia and depression courtesy of another in the long history of Republican administrations resulting in economic disaster. This was combined with two major wars against small middle easter countries driven by a counter-attack against US policies in the Middle East.

Added to the fifty-year grind of wage stagnation was the steady loss of public services in the planned neoliberal capitalist siphoning of assets to the kleptocrats. The kleptocrats used our stolen assets to buy the rest of the US government. The middle class became the majority precariat class.

This reached a stage in the decline of the body politic that all hope was applied to Obama to save us. But Obama worked to protect the same kleptocrats, and revolutionary change became a token healthcare system with everything else remaining the same. Growing instability and efforts to ignore the climate crisis meant that staying the same was salvaging and again normalizing the unsustainable economy with no thought for human wellbeing.

The final collapse was the inevitable criminal transformation of the policyless Republican Party, long reliant on racism and gross distortions of the antiquated US government structure to maintain a minority hold on power. The dog whistles, nods, and winks became open fascism, racism, and xenophobia, with a psychopathic conman and criminal going for his biggest score and accepted as the savior of that party.

Psychopaths achieve success by lying without the normal human sense of empathy to trip them up. That lack of empathy and concern makes them appear very strong. Most people believe in confident and strong people, particularly if that strong…



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