Slow and methodical destruction continues

The pattern is set and fewer and fewer remain

Mike Meyer
4 min readFeb 1, 2019


by Mike Meyer

It’s always interesting watching low attention span bullies destroy themselves. This always happens sooner or later and usually sooner. These people rely on fear and chaos but when their innate stupidity is revealed, usually in conjunction with their cowardice, there is nothing else to fall back on.

The innate stupidity becomes most apparent in the ability to do only what has already been done. If none of it worked the first time just try to make it louder the second and third times but fewer and fewer people even bother to listen.

Nancy Pelosi blew up Trump’s toy boat and now he doesn’t know what to do. She effectively blew up the entire Republican Party by showing them as idiot enablers of a juvenile idiot. That hurts.

The media finally latching onto McConnell as a Russian stooge is turning on the lights causing the cockroaches to run. Trump is permanently ensconced in his empty White House tweeting out messages from the fantasy world he visits every night. The messages are so jumbled that no one pays attention except the mainstream media who struggle to keep the illusion of a presidency alive by a desperate search for some token of rationality.

One can’t help but wonder why? The vast economic and military power of America will not suddenly disappear. The self sustaining power of the market is able to run without a plan or any leadership. That was its strength but also its danger. Without human control it has only one law, produce ever more. It will destroy the planet to achieve that.

The giant castle of the imperial presidency is an immediate danger with one, mentally disabled, delusional old man scurrying around the edifice trying to find someone to impress. We are living with the growing tragedy of the suffering caused by the man’s ignorant actions. Why not simply call it what it is? What of value can be gained by allowing this to continue?

There is little real information as the White House press briefings are gone. Only messages from god are passed on by the divine mouthpiece Sukhabee Sanders. Having decided to announce that Trump was selected by Sukhabee Sanders’ divinity, the lunatic fringe media piled on. Apparently even Trump was taken aback by this or else had misplaced his phone and couldn’t figure out how to brag about it. What do you say?



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