Saving What Future We Have Left

Mike Meyer
6 min readJan 29, 2024

We can still reduce the size of the disaster

Dall-e prompt: a modernistic image of a bombed city being rebuilt

The future we have is ugly. Pay attention to climate science and what escalating disasters do to human politics, and you will realize that our future sucks. That is the reality that we have created for ourselves.

This is not a lament but a statement of fact. The numbers are changing as the reality becomes inescapable, but the effects of climate change are still minimized.

The problem is still one of the priorities shown in an age-related survey.

We have a genuine set of choices that, if we fail to act, could make whole sections of our planet look like the Gaza Strip post-Israeli genocide.

While broad acceptance of the climate disaster is growing, failure to understand the magnitude of the progressive polycrisis triggered by climate change risks panic as the crisis escalates.

When people feel threatened by things they do not understand, they become irrational and angry. As we have seen, this produces opportunists claiming the ability to return things to normal by magical means.

As those magical means fail, anger increases, and so does irrationality, complicating efforts to implement the needed socioeconomic and political changes. We are already seeing violent reactions in the American Empire.

When the unanticipated climate and political consequences cause hundreds of millions to abandon their homes for survival, the fear and anger focus on keeping those millions away from our homes. That is a simplistic but logical response that cannot be ignored despite being stupid.

Sadly, these are not isolated problems that can be fenced off with razor wire. That makes a bad situation into a planetary disaster. We have no history of averting planetary disasters. Because of that, we must think very seriously about how to organize ourselves to minimize our multi-century disaster.



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