Running Out of Lies

Faking injury is an old dog trick

Mike Meyer
3 min readDec 7, 2022


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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~Decembder 7, 2022

We are so entangled in the web of other people's lies that we can't weave our own. The problem of lies, misinformation, gaslighting, and all the words coined for the endless assaults on truth in the 21st century seem endless.

This may be alright as we are seeing it may produce its own solution. Truth may prevail, not through moral choice but by exhaustion. Fortunately, those most prone to lies do so for lack of intellectual ability and knowledge. Such people tend to build fabrications that are too difficult to maintain.

The truth is logical and supported by some empirical proof. You don't have to build vast constructs of lies and then remember which ones you used. That can be a significant failing, like the dog faking an injured foot for sympathy but forgetting which foot is supposed to be injured.

There is only laughter and no sympathy for the poor, confused dog.

Someone should have reminded Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani of this before they wore out their claim to an injured election. Instead, Rudy is now testifying that he is just a bad lawyer to save his Washington, DC, law license because he didn't know all of his claims were lies. That fails even to be funny.

Trump has claimed all his legs are injured, although the courts have left him with no legs to stand on. So he is running for president again in hopes of getting some sympathy. But layers of lies are not a good platform to run on, and sympathy for fake injuries is fragile support.

As our mothers told us, building on lies leads to a fall. The Trump edifice of lies that seemed immune to truth is crumbling so fast that we will need months of instant replays to keep track of the collapse. An initial guilty verdict in an organizational tax fraud trial is a bad sign for Trump's Tower of Bullshit.

As we all know, this century has been a century of lies endlessly building on each other from Bush's 'win' in the 2000 election against Al Gore, 9/11 and its origins, Bush's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Obama's 'fake' birth certificate, the October Surprise in the 2016 election and all of Trump's 'solutions' for the COVID pandemic.



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