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Mike Meyer
6 min readFeb 28, 2024

Not that it will matter in the end

I am amazed at America’s cognitive dissonance. This isn’t my first time saying something like this, but it keeps worsening.

There has always been incongruity and sloppy thinking at all levels of human society. That is a problem but not one we can fix for more than a small percentage of the population.

Unfortunately, that small percentage does not run either our governments or large corporations. But we get lucky occasionally, which has usually been good enough.

Even when you have gibbering idiots in charge, there have been enough sharp and good people behind the scenes to avoid disaster. We tend to remember the occasions when that didn’t happen because wars and massive disasters occurred.

That memory explains the reason the majority, however slim, wants nothing to do with idiots such as Donald Trump and his behind-the-curtain manipulators.

We are now in a unique situation, I’m afraid. Usually, the dissonance of part of the population is a communication failure due to the changing meaning of words. Such changes can be because of new knowledge, cultural contacts, or conquest. That eventually works itself out.

Having overpopulated the planet and found technical ways to broadcast and now network everyone together, we developed…



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