People Are Bored with War Scams

Surprise, nations led by liars have trouble with credibility

Mike Meyer
5 min readJun 17, 2019


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by Mike Meyer

Watching the frantic efforts of Trump and crew to start a war with Iran is bringing back many bad memories. Apparently this is true from many other people also as Gulf of Tonkin has been trending along with Gulf of Hormuz on Twitter.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was fabricated by Lyndon Johnson in 1964 to justify a massive US invasion of Vietnam. In those days it was easier to just make stuff up. Sadly the death and destruction that resulted also led to the fatal crippling of the US a coherent nation state. This became the pattern for those in power to justify subsequent wars in, what is now, nearly sixty years of continuous tragedy.

The errors of Vietnam were ‘corrected’ by using only professional military with extensive use of mercenaries. Permanent war was carefully made normal and the source of great industrial wealth. American casualties must be kept very low and all the other casualties are simply ignored. Existing wars are not news worthy.

People are not so easily fooled now although the American media always works hard to avoid being accused of holding any moral or ethical standard that might question the justifications for permanent war.

Ironically, the success of previous scams to start wars combined with the success in making wars so normal makes it hard to drum up outrage and anger. Everyone knows that any connection to truth or reality with the Trump regime is strictly accidental.

If they actually took a moral stand they wold lose eyeballs reducing their bottom line. The only morality in America, now, is profit.

It’s just hard to differentiate those who are actually being fooled from those that are pretending to be fooled so they can prey on the others. The criminal crew that make up the Republican Party represent the second group.

This is also a major problem. The disease that produces a symptom such as Trump has replaced all standards with opportunities and leverage points. Everyone is completely duplicitous pretending to be what they assume or have been told that the people they wish to exploit demand to see. Since no one cares about any…



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