Our River of Delusion Is Running Dry

Mike Meyer
5 min readNov 30, 2023

This is not a simple set of problems and must be dealt with together

Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn on Unsplash

How long can we sail on our river of delusion? 2023 is almost over, and it has been horrible. But our leaky boat is still full speed ahead with no questions.

In reality, our boat is on a diminished river with rocks ahead. The people who know what’s happening shout warnings to slow down, stop, and rethink where we are going, but the people in control are desperate for more speed. They are selling the fuel that powers this boat, so no one is surprised.

Even if our destination is death, we’ll be rich when we get there.

The majority ignore the warnings. It can’t be that bad. Nothing that bad has happened before. The river is vast, wide, and deep. We will be fine.

“What’s that scraping sound?”

The biggest delusion is the hardest to grasp. The scraping sound, the storm clouds ahead, the smoke in the air, and the sounds of explosions in the distance are not individual problems. They are all one integrated disaster.

The problems are starting to blend into each other, which is confusing.

“But it is holiday time, and we need to buy things. There is so much to buy. We still need to catch up with everything we couldn’t get during the pandemic…



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