Our Monsterous Reality Grows

Patching will relieve suffering, but the structure is crumbling

Mike Meyer
3 min readNov 20, 2021


Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 20, 2021

It is time to face that reality. We are caught in a far more dangerous situation than people in America are willing to admit. We’ve been told this repeatedly, but it no longer matters that the majority wants to eliminate racism and has no interest in authoritarianism. We are powerless.

The largest demonstrations in history for human rights and the elimination of police oppression in 2020 had no effect. On the contrary, nothing changes, and the threats of violence and intimidation intensify.

Our only hope within this collapsing system is an administration dedicated to patching the crumbling infrastructure and alleviating some of the sufferings inherent in a failing economy. These corrections will help. But, unfortunately, vast and growing wealth in a small distorted elite is not the sign of a viable economy dedicated to planetary wellbeing and survival. We must eliminate that problem.

Our political and judicial systems support racist minority rule managed by the oligarchic elite through ownership of representatives. Moreover, shaping the primary information flow as a propaganda tool built on decades of lies has made it impossible for a large population to understand the threats we face. Instead, they are told to ignore everything but their greed and that no alternatives exist reduces our chance of non-violent change.

Our failure to deal with structural racism and the distorted value systems of materialist consumption have brought us to the edge of collapse. The constitutional protections that we were taught to rely on have been subverted to the point that they are empty parodies of what was, at best, limited 18th-century ideals.

A murderous teenager, himself a victim of generations of unquestioned lies, being legally acquitted of murder is the result of laws twisted to support institutional violence, racism, and economic oppression. When our legal system has been turned to these ends, the constitution founded on the 18th-century concept of natural law impartially and objectively enforced by the people is meaningless.



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