Little Happiness in the New Year

Facing the danger of a failing world

Mike Meyer


Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ December 29, 2021

Things are getting ugly. The desperate struggle to be positive in the new year has already ended. Hope is prone on the floor. The only signs of life are jolts of corporatist propaganda from the mainstream media attempting a panicky resuscitation.

As the dominant media are now so divorced from the living world, this may be only the reflexive kicking of a brain-dead beast. But, at this rate, the ball dropping in Times Square on the stroke of midnight 2022 may escape its track and go down in flames like the Hindenburg.

At least there would be few casualties, except among those, we are beginning to realize we would be better without, thanks to the Omicron variant.

While in years past, it would be the end of January before New Year's resolutions were written off as dead, we are still in December, and the only resolution still alive is how to maintain our mental health. That is not a good sign.

Even talk of Donald Trump being indicted in 2022 brings little relief as we are well past that as any solution. The range of civil and criminal laws possible as the first indictment is so extensive as to be staggering. As a result, it doesn't matter as the first will open the flood gates. Or not, which is equally staggering.

Pseudofascist cancer has metastasized through the old nation-states leaving no option but drastic surgery. The trial and conviction of even dozens of corrupt, low-order political thugs will have no effect. The mindless are in control, and the spinning numbers on the capitalist slot machines are still the promised jackpot of their lackeys.

That those numbers are also divorced from reality is a forbidden topic. The irony of constant articles on the destruction of the planet and the dark mystery of sustainable economics with continuous exhortations to buy and consume as an act of high morality suggest advanced social insanity.

Do we cheer another trillion to the billionaire elite or look for new tricks to avoid depression as our cultural delusions collapse around us? That depends on how far along we are in suspending the disbelief that allows us to accept the…



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