Infinite Shades of Strange

And it is certainly not simple

Mike Meyer
5 min readMay 27, 2023
Photo by Lucas Kapla on Unsplash

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ May 26, 2023

You think we would start figuring this stuff out after several decades of constantly accelerating change? But, that is not so.

Our social tools are the equivalent of buggy whips in an age of lithium-ion automobiles and planetary disaster.

We still have millions of people in the leading countries who insist that things are not that bad. And that this is all being blown out of proportion. And things are entirely normal depending on where you are on any given day. Lots of problems but not constant disaster.

And that is true. We are overwhelmed by tremendous success and horrendous failures. Things are not neatly packaged. The evil and the good are entangled with the very strange.

That is a part of the problem we are all facing. People are very much prone to accepting that things are how they are supposed to be and that problems are specific events. That makes identifying items representing local aspects of planetary problems challenging.

Identifying accelerating trends is not natural for us. Hence our constant surprise at the difference between arithmetic progression and geometric factoring. We deal with this constantly in our 21st-century world but have gotten…



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