I Wish It Weren’t So. . .

Wishes don’t control the world

Mike Meyer
4 min readMay 22, 2021


by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ May 21, 2021

The pandemic is not over. No one wants to hear that, and I’m sorry to say it. Even medical professionals, epidemiologists, and the people who know what is going on are compelled to say what people want to hear. And they know the shakiness of the premature release from the rules of the pandemic.

We are nowhere near 70% vaccination in America and will probably never get there given the significant percentage of our population’s slide into political insanity. The very people most directly affected by that political insanity are the repository of continuing waves of infection.

What is happening is a critical human failure in judgment complicated by our inability to stand up to the abusive whining of those unable to understand much of anything beyond their own immediate desires. This is not new. If it were, we might have some hope.

The real tragedy is the inevitable failures of judgment by professional and capable people who succumb to the volume of noise we generate. This is the noise that is killing us. The great majority in post-modern cultures have trouble understanding the nature of that noise and its sources as it overwhelms us.

Even with high levels of discipline and education, we are driven to emotional reactions for relief from the din. But there is evil, also. We cannot escape those driven by greed and the lust for power who use whatever level of intelligence they have for their own ends without regard for the common good.

The noise makes it impossible to focus on stopping evil when we are inundated by those manipulated into being pawns of that evil without the means to protect themselves. These are the human shields for the evil ones. To stop the insanity, we must accept collateral damage among citizens who have been fooled into a dangerous game. No one wants the burden of bringing misery on the lives of the ignorant.

While the COVID 19 pandemic is coming under control in more countries, it is out of control in others with little hope of an end in the foreseeable future. This is complicated by growing climate disasters forcing more people into refugee status. Already in 2020, more people are being displaced



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