How Israel Can Save Itself and Everyone Else

But America must follow the world

Mike Meyer


However you cut this, Israel is guilty of significant war crimes against the Palestinian people. While they have over seventy years of what should be considered war crimes against those same people, they were given a free pass by the American Empire.

Litigating history is helpful for historians and may provide insights for the population in general, but that rarely leads to any practical outcome. Because of the Climate Disaster and all the concurrent events, we don’t have time to review the complex and confused history of the Palestinian region.

Yes, it is confused. We have had between 2,000 years of political confusion and propaganda. The critical thing to understand is that Semitic languages include Arabic, Amharic (Ethiopia), Hebrew, and other ancient and modern languages. Worrying about antisemitism is important as it applies to both Arabic-speaking populations as well as Hebrew speakers.

A small success from this disaster would be to remove Semitism from the exclusive claims of Hebrew speakers.

Given the constant flow of information on what has happened since October 7 and the dominance of attitudes around the planet, Israel has lost the public opinion war and is guilty of major war crimes. Those are two separate factors.

All sides suffer brutality and death in war. War crimes are on all sides. The weight is on Israel as they have publicly committed war crimes, with members of the current Israeli government demanding genocide.

For humanitarian reasons, we need to first deal with Gaza and the Israeli war disaster created by their criminal government. The cost of human death and suffering is far higher in Gaza than in the Ukraine war and threatens expansion despite a current short-term ceasefire and token aid to a destroyed Gaza.

At this point, no one knows what will happen at the end of the ceasefire. What needs to happen is a permanent ceasefire on all sides and a massive humanitarian program to restore the Palestinian state areas that Israel has criminally destroyed.

Israel’s damages are tiny compared to what has been done in Gaza without tackling seventy-five years of occupation. Gaza…



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