Floundering in Complexity

While assholes manipulate the confused

Mike Meyer
5 min readMar 13, 2022


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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ March 13, 2022

Not only are we overwhelmed by assholes, but we are also floundering in complexity, unable to understand the explosion of stupidity. The assholes are committed to absurdity and willful ignorance, increasing that complexity.

It is a very nasty feedback loop that was the essence of the great propaganda discovery of the early 20th century. That discovery became known as the Big Lie attributed to Adolph Hitler in his Mein Kampf of 1925.

Hitler’s Big Lie was the cause of Germany’s loss in WWI was Jewish control of everything and not radical nationalism or competence of German general Erich Ludendorff. Hitler claimed that the Jews were both the cause of WWI and the source of a Big Lie, blaming Ludendorf for defeat.

None of this made any sense, thus defining a Big Lie. No one would dare to make such an outrageous lie. Ironically, Hitler gave credit to the Jews, who had nothing to do with it. While Hitler defined and used the Big Lie, he claimed it was all by someone else.

The level of confusion was profound, although partly accidental. But the accident made the lie more powerful. The layers of lies and denial discovered by Hitler became the KGB’s propaganda superweapon through the mid 20th century.

The slower-moving bottom feeders in our most advanced societies finally figured this process out. They latched on to the Big Lie as their equalizer at the beginning of the 21st century. The goal is to make everyone equally confused and, thus, similarly stupid.

We are watching this process evolve in the mid 21st century. As communication and machine learning open up previously unseen doors in our reality, the Big Lie became the standard form of induced insanity for political manipulation that has consumed a significant portion of our population.

What became defined as polarization was the shattering of the Modern paradigm. Simple dyadic values: good and evil, rich and poor, free and enslaved, they and we became complex and dependent on shifting realities. Truth became conditional on theoretical models not easily explained.



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