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Climate disasters are becoming non-linear

Mike Meyer


by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ July 26, 2022

Reality is slowly dawning with heat waves, storms, and droughts but will be denied by a significant part of our population until all options are gone. We know this now, but the people who manage our geopolitical units refuse to acknowledge it.

Nonlinear is an aspect of complexity that makes things random. Things don't follow a nice linear path allowing anticipation and planning for how things will be next month or next year. Nonlinearity is the problem of a Brazilian Butterfly suddenly causing a blizzard in Kansas.

The climate disaster is being dealt with as linear and can be plotted on a chart. Somewhere in the future, it will be slowly worse, but, of course, unique corporate technology will save us just in time because there will be time to develop and test that technology.

The loss of linearity means that severity and sequence are not predictable. Planning what needs to be done will be blown away by what is happening. Somehow this is not being discussed and anticipated but is the horrible reality emerging around us.

Collective action or collective suicide, which is it to be? As Antonio Guterres, Director General of the United Nations, presents our most critical question at the Petersburg Climate Dialogue.

Guterres is not exaggerating, and to understand this, one only has to look around. Heat waves are multiplying in frequency and intensity: in just a few years, we have gone from news of heat waves being greeted with sarcastic comments such as “yes, it’s called summer”, to them being given names, like hurricanes, with equally destructive effects. And these heat waves are the product of the agreements we signed to try to maintain the global temperature below 1.5ºC… we are now on course to at least double that. Source Enrique Dans

As I write this, we have twenty-eight states with heat wave warnings in America. Yet, Biden is afraid to declare a climate emergency because our political system might collapse.

After millions have watched a detailed analysis of Donald Trump's attempt to overthrow the US government on January 6, 2021, Biden's Justice Department is…



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