Dealing with Hyperconverged Disasters

We needed a word for this

Mike Meyer


Photo by Yevhen Buzuk on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 3, 2022

In the tech world, hyperconvergence has been a topic for some years. Thousands of seminars, meetings, and presentations have been spent attempting to sell people hyperconverged system technology. Education has worked for IT people, but for non-IT people, hyperconvergence is not even a thing.

At the risk of destroying the magic, hyperconverged systems are modularized server systems with switching networks and storage. The key is that these things come in packages that can be scaled by adding modules with different configurations. And they don’t require highly skilled network and system engineers to design, install, and manage.

But my point here is the term and not its technical uses. The term hyperconverged suggests several things radically pushed together, creating a new entity. As a marketing term, it is overblown.

The words should not be looked at too closely as they lead into linguistic rabbit holes where meaning disappears. My point is that the term hyperconverged seems to have escaped into the wild. This is appropriate as we are living in a world of hyperconverged disasters.

I define hyperconverged disasters as individual disasters that become modules of an emerging planetary disaster. Atmospheric warming escalates storms to new levels while feeding energy from and to regional fires destroying food sources that produce drought, merging with glacier melting raising sea levels. . . . All of this driving climate migration destroying the concept of nation-states.

Hyperconverged disasters result from two hundred years of stupidity, plain and willful ignorance, racism, greed, economics, authoritarian politics, religion, and complete disregard for the planet coming together in an epic collision. We cannot deal with this as anything but a new type of meta-disaster.

Some of these have become hyperobjects consuming us in their own right. This convergence is what is destroying our ability to act. Nothing we do seems big enough to have any positive impact nor able to halt the spread of social insanity. Each type of disaster is a modular addition to the concept of disaster.



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