Can We Tame the Dragon?

We must learn to live in the world we have created

Mike Meyer
5 min readMay 21, 2022


Photo by Laith Abushaar on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ May 20, 2022

The insanity that is overwhelming us is understandable and predictable. But, it is also only part of what is happening.

A collapsing global paradigm on a planet with the technology we have is a metamorphic transformation. There is no escape, but so many different things happen that confusion becomes the greatest recognized threat.

You can be angry because of confusion, but it is hard to be angry at confusion, so people substitute their favorite scapegoats. We blame people, not our confusion, in these situations. Those are substitutes for problems that we cannot or refuse to acknowledge.

Global warming has not been slowed, let alone stopped. Atmospheric carbon continues to climb with no change. Wars and refugees are expanding as people attempt to find a safe place to live. The refugees are products of the climate disaster, as are the wars. This may be caused directly or indirectly, but it is already too entangled to tell, yet people will ignore the big reason in favor of blaming someone.

While the scientific community and the larger literate population can see no hope of avoiding this catastrophe, the more fearful and easily manipulated are subject to criminal opportunists looking for money and power.

These opportunists play the same game as people dealing with confusion. confusion is too vague a cause. People want someone to blame who can be someone to hate for their loss of certainty and security.

For the majority who see reality darkening and confusion spreading at the hands of the manipulators, the hope of avoiding the catastrophe is already gone. However, we can still work to ride the dragon with the hope of taming it. But unfortunately, that is another cause for widespread denial.

Dragons are dangerous to ride, and many will die, and the suffering will increase year by year, but that is now our burden to tame the climate monster by learning to live with it.

Many people refuse to believe that the world we had before is gone. But unfortunately, that delays desperately needed action that plays into the hands of the manipulators…



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