Bifurcational Dysfunction

Getting it wrong in both directions

Mike Meyer
5 min readJun 14, 2024

This shit is not simple. If it were, we would not be up to our necks in it and desperately tapping our toes to find something more solid to stand on.

It would be easier if this were a no-win situation. We can understand those as that was what the 20th century was about. Joseph Heller wrote the book.

Catch 22 was about the insanity of war and attempting to escape death by claiming insanity. But the recognition of that insanity proved your sanity, so you could not escape.

We have graduated from Catch 22 to Catch [imaginary number]. Bifurcation means splitting into two directions, with, mathematically, either the location or the limit cycle being unstable. More or less.

You get the idea. The magic word is ‘unstable.’

In our inescapable political freak show, we see America’s economic success by all traditional standards, which produces a planetary disaster and, simultaneously, a political disaster by increasing wages and ordinary people’s incomes.

Why is that a political disaster? Because the knowledge of our reality and its imminent collapse is evident. It cannot be hidden; it can only be denied.



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