Assholes and Idiots Are Killing Us

Stop giving power to ignoramuses and assholes

Mike Meyer


Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 7, 2022

As long as we recognize our limitations, there is nothing wrong with being dumb as a stump. We all have our weak points. Even if weak points are all that we have, recognizing that is an indication of one important strong point.

Ignorance, the primary cause of people acting like idiots, is correctable. Assholes are another matter. I define assholes as manipulators with little or no regard for their effect on others’ well-being.

These range from minor assholes to genocide-level assholes. Minor assholes may be trainable or have latent moral awareness that will cause them to rethink their asshole nature.

Assholes thrive on ignorance, so listening to an asshole will not correct ignorance. Denial of reality is the primary sign of a major asshole. Select who you listen to very carefully.

If someone is saying things that match your thinking perfectly, they are probably ignorant, an idiot, and an asshole. You should either reject or reserve judgment on what they say if they have no formal credentials or personal experience in a professional, technical, or scientific area. If in doubt, look elsewhere for information to confirm what was said.

Current politicians in the American multi-national military empire have no credentials or valid experience, even if they once had such. You should assume them to be assholes and idiots unless there is massive, independent, individual evidence to the contrary.

A major factor now is the critical mass of assholes and idiots in positions of authority, triggering an intellectual loss of knowledge and logical ability from the population in general. This condition reinforces itself moving people from asshole idiocy to gibbering asshole idiocy, creating closed communities that become completely disconnected from reality.

The rise of stupidity exacerbating assholeness and idiocy is beginning to appear in the national media. The level of stupidity is already breathtaking, and this has only begun to be recognized. A major problem is the placement of dumb-as-a-stump people as lackeys in judgeships that was known but ignored until…



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