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4 min readNov 10, 2023

As Israel’s IDF pursues mass murder in Gaza, international pressure has forced agreement to daily four-hour ceasefires. ~ 2023 is at 1.32 C above the preindustrial baseline. Place your bet that 2024 passes the 1.5 C tipping point. ~ Yeast DNA has been made with a high percentage of human-made components.

Climate Disaster

There is no good news on our most serious disaster. That disaster is still being ignored despite the difficulty of maintaining widespread ignorance. The tragedy is declaring itself.

Nature: Earth just had its hottest year on record — climate change is to blame

James Hansen, who initially warned Congress of climate change, is back.

Global Warming is Accelerating. Why? Will We Fly Blind?

Our problem is an energy imbalance that will take decades to correct once we start. We haven’t started yet.

For additional information on the detailed threat assessment, November 1, 2023, was the annual launch of the Ecological Threat Report, produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP).


  • 1 billion people are living in 42 countries that currently face severe food insecurity
  • 1 in 4 people globally do not have regular access to safe drinking water
  • By 2050, 2.8 billion people will reside in countries facing severe ecological threats, compared to 1.8 billion today

As I have described in Positioning for 2030, these numbers are becoming refugees. We have a few million on the move now, but billions will be there within seven years.

War in Gaza

We are watching insanity build. The Western/American Empire is committed to Israel. However, most of the planet sees Israel for what it is: the American military platform for permanent conflict in the fossil fuel centers of the Middle East.

Understanding a century of manipulation and conflict is needed to get beyond the propaganda and emotional violence being spread. Eygpt will be a significant player in what follows once the killing stops. The following link…

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