Are we out of time and options?

The noose tightens but they will probably get away

Mike Meyer
6 min readJul 25, 2018
“Road signs show the US at a dead end on a desert road” by Lachlan Donald on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer

Its time again for a dose of reality. Let me work at summarizing the current situation as objectively as possible. That does not mean as an apologist for flagrant stupidity or wild eyed authoritarianism. It also doesn’t mean following one or another of the archaic political ideologies that have destroyed America.

We have an incompetent and mentally unstable individual as the political head of this nation state. He is known to be in debt to a range of international financial interests and has been heavily involved in money laundering of Russian public funds high-jacked by various oligarchs now under the thumb of Putin.

He appears to have been a person of interest for years for Russian intelligence because that is what they do and the GRU does it in ways that the old KGB developed. Because we know exactly how that works and how nervous Trump is in avoiding getting crossways of Putin we can be very confidant that they have a pile of incriminating information on him.

None of this matters now because it was generally guessed at back in 2016 and nothing was done about it. At that point Trump was obviously unqualified to be president but managed to end up there anyway with a carefully crafted…



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