Alexander Ocasio-Cortez’s Shoes

Even their faked theft adds to the complexity

Mike Meyer


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By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ January 17, 2021

Success can create as many problems as a failure. Such is the case with planetary-scale complexity, as we have been learning for the last forty years. Our failure in learning to respond to these problems is now as frightening as the problems themselves.

It seems we are unable to ‘grow into’ the job that we have given ourselves. That is not encouraging as America is desperately entangled in one instance of such a problem that is emblematic of the whole complex mess. While the Amerian Empire is in its final days, it still holds the banner of modern leadership and, having created the 20th-century modernity model, should have the best chance of fixing its own mess.

The growing horror at the Trump disaster's full scope has quickly overcome the positives of Biden's solid electoral win, now with full control of Congress. The celebration was certainly limited in the worst modern pandemic exacerbating a structural economic collapse. But what little relief remained was brutally crippled at the escalating exhibition of the social and psychological damage done to a substantial population segment.

That the only institutional route to hope for a viable future in the planetary crisis-era required an aging moderate conservative assuring us there would be no change except eliminating incompetence and corruption. The inability to remove a psychopath exhibiting all the expected symptoms of narcissistic rage, culminating in a clumsy attempt to overthrow the federal government, made all of this very personal not only to Americans but people around the planet.

A Keystone Cops veneer gave the January 6th coup attempt its own satirical theme by heightening the shock of its deadly neo-nazi intentions. Even our national destruction and attempted collapse into authoritarian despotism is a parody presented in acts of video exhibitionism.

No wonder those who remain sane and aware are trapped in the vacillation between horror, laughter, tears, and nausea. But none of it helps.

Somehow, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's experience as a targeted Congressional Representative caught this terrible ambiguity in her…



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