After the Republican Explosion

Making changes to hold the nation together is all that will matter

Mike Meyer


Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ January 26, 2021

Nothing on our 21st-century planet is simple or quick. It seems like hyperobjects as global problems that are mostly outside our understanding that things don’t just fall apart or explode all at once. Even political explosions at the US scale seem to happen in slow motion, and on so many levels, they move in diverse directions and follow obscure patterns of recursion.

This the confusion that results from each slow-motion trainwreck that never seems to end but only fades into the background of newer slow-motion explosions. The result is we are constantly being pummeled by pieces of wreckage from last week’s disaster that now seems small and distant.

We really cannot handle more than two or three at a time, but we have just moved past the end of a four-year disaster that is still exploding around us. The January 6th insurrection and coup attempt produces secondary explosions and may not have really gotten started yet.

The Biden inauguration had a welcome dampening effect but, much to many people’s surprise, is also on the edge of becoming explosive. This could be the counter explosions that never really happened during the Obama years.

The constant pummeling leaves all of us with a skewed sense of timing. That is quickly taken advantage of by political opportunists to minimize explosive changes that they claim are minor and should be ignored. Trump’s second impeachment as part of the Republican Party explosion/trainwreck can only be minimized by pretending it is minor, and so long ago, it doesn’t matter.

All of the wreckage is still in the air, so nothing is certain. This is not a situation that a director can call ‘cut,’ and everything stops. As McConnell has just done, Republican players make desperate plays and then abandon those plays, which illustrates the growing risk as the explosion grows.

Having talked about the Republican Party explosion, we need to talk about what comes after all the pieces fall to earth. This is complicated by the explosive collapse of the Trump regime that is also still in motion. Fortunately, Trump and his family…



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