A Message in the Trump Noise

It’s there but we need to understand it

Mike Meyer
4 min readOct 7, 2020


by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 6. 2020

We are so overwhelmed by the noise that extracting any valid information from the Trump fascist din is almost impossible. America is collapsing so rapidly that the only hope is a miracle election on November 3 that removes the entire male elite. It will be a fitting touch if Trump dies of COVID-19 before then.

I don’t think we will see a miracle election or even one that succeeds in doing more than a token hand slap to the white supremacists and authoritarians. Hand slapping will not remove them from a disastrous level of power.

There is a much better chance of Trump dying in the next two weeks as he attempts to flaunt his imagined defeat of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. It is tough to tell at the noise level we are experiencing if anyone left in the Executive Branch can even think beyond lies and ass-covering. As I have said, the only true statement we can expect to hear will be that Trump is dead. Anything else is a lie.

Amplification of the noise level over the last week due to Trump meeting his plague firsthand has covered the explosion of horror from the neo-fascist authoritarians. Their desperation to plant the seeds of hate and create as much fear as possible before losing control is nauseating. It is also frightening.

We have been driven backward in time to levels of racism, misogyny, ethnocentricity, and bigotry that are hard to grasp. The petty viciousness of these people shows how foolish we have been in judging our advances from barbarism. There is no pretense of any humanist ideals but only demand for racist and religious domination at any cost.

We are still protected by their functional isolation and shrinking minority. This is not 2016 when anger at decades of exploitation was dominant. Freedom from the pandemic, food for survival, and hope for protection from natural disasters are what people want. Most people are not interested in the old religions and their hatred if it means hunger and disease. Culture wars by bigots and radical denialists do not buy food and pay the rent.

Irony does not exist for the Trumpist examples of human depravity. That the Rose Garden presentation…



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